The Trust

The Trustees - MMSC

The seniors and the founders of the club thought it necessary that a trust be formed to hold the club properties.

M.A.Chidambaram and K.V.Srinivasan got Govind Swaminathan and S.S.Sivaprakasa to draft the trust deed whereby the land of the club be given to the trust on a 99 year lease.

K.V.Srinivasan and BI chandhok were authorised to sign the trust deed as founder trustees for life - the strength was to be a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 11 members, that is, 2 founder trustees, 3 life trustees and 6 others.

Thus the first co-opted life term trustees apart from - KVS and BI chandhok were 3 lifetime trustees S.Muthukrishnan, V.Chidambaram and K.D.Madan. M.A.Chidambaram, A.Sivasailam, ll narayan, Vinoo Mammen, Vijay Mallya and Venu Srinivasan - made up the total of 11 trustees.

We have a younger generation of trustees and MMSC can now look forward to a quicker development of the track and racing.

  1. Mr. Venu Srinivasan
  2. Dr. Vijay Mallya
  3. Mr. K.D. Madan
  4. Mr. T.T. Raghunathan
  5. Mr. Ajit Thomas
  6. Mr. Vicky Chandhok
  7. Mr. Raghupathi Singhania
  8. Mr. V.N. Venkatanathan
  9. Mr. C. Mukundan
  10. Mr. Arvind Pangoankar