About - History

The Birth of an Idea

In the year 1952, while a 1948 MGTF was being cleared from the madras harbour, discussions between the owner and R. De souza on motor racing, rallying, etc. Gave birth to the gem of an idea of a motor sports club.

The First Steps

This idea took a hazy shape in the summer of 1953 when two m gs chased each other from chesney hall to the parking lot of the catholic centre. An unusually tall englishman (rex strong ) and a comparatively short indian (k varugis) got out from their respective cars, stared and then probably grinned at each other and decided that racing would be more fun if organized off the roads. Thus, figuratively, one could read the words mmsc in the spiralling fumes of the twin exhausts.

Its Official Now

Rex strong had been a member of the calcutta motor sports club and the MG club and naturally both he and k.varugis looked around for more motor racing enthusiasts with a view to form a club. Sometime later, a small gathering of motorists arranged a motor scavenger hunt one evening, finishing at the madras gymkhana club, in order to get together and pass a formal resolution for the formation of the madras motor sports club.

It was industrialist & philanthropist, Mr. M.A.Chidambaram, who as the then chairman of the automobile association of south india (AASI) who felt that AASI should concentrate on the usual motoring activities and a separate organization, would help to develop the sport of motor racing. Thus was born the madras motor sports club (MMSC) in 1954.

In the meanwhile, with the guidance and assistance of the chairman, Mr. M.A.Chidambaram and Mr. SVB Row , the legal adviser of the AASI, a constitution of the club was drafted and then registered under the societies act

The First Officials of the Club Were:

President: Mr. G.M.Donner
Hon. Treasurer: Mr. K.V.Srinivasan
Hon. Secretary: Mr. K.Varugis
These, together with the Rajkumar of Pithapuram, Raja DV Appa Rao and Messrs. JH Dye, P Mathen, K.A. Sillick and RA Strong were the first members of the Committee.


In the early stages, the club was fortunate in having a number of enthusiasts – P.Mathen, J.D.Jones, D.J.Hopley, Srihari, the late Rajkumar of pithapuram, the late Ravi Sharma, Ven Sillick, the late R de souza, philli clubwala and K.P. Ranganatha Rao (babbaya) who took a lot of interest in the club. Mr. N.Jones was formerly a TT star and was at that time with the roots group; Mr. Mathen was general manager of south india automotive corporation ltd., and he not only took part in all the activities but provided servicing facilities to members at 24, whites road. He also built the first special, the 'SIAC'. Mr. D.J.Hopley , who was then managing director of oldham (india) ltd. Helped the club with handicapping and laying the original course. Mr. K.V.Srinivasan held the finances of the club in order and later provided office facilities at union motors.

The initial membership consisted of about forty founder members.

The 'Panch Pandavas' of MMSC

These are the five who have been amongst the early members of MMSC, and who still actively participate in most events and are known as the 'panch pandavas' or the five pandavas. They are - Gopal Madhavan, Indu Chandok, Jayendra n Patel, Anil Bhatia and C.Prabhakar. S Muthukrishnan represents Sri Krishna while draupadi, of course, is MMSC itself!